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Jul 31 2012

Social Media Greeting Cards for Our Awkward Era

This post is brought to you by justWink. Cards just got awesome.

How your mailbox would look if I were in charge of greeting cards:

When I Posted Those Drunk Photos of You? I Was Drunk Too | Mighty Girl

Congratulations on Your New Baby | Mighty Girl

You're My Mom. Isn't That More Important Than Being My Facebook Friend? | Mighty Girl

Man I like real mail. How about you? What specific greeting cards do you need in your life?


Jul 25 2012

Five Minutes on My Phone

This post is brought to you by justWink. Cards just got awesome.


So Say We All

Song Bomb

My friends are smarter than me. What’s the best text you’ve ever gotten? Spill it.


Feb 15 2011

Vintage Perfume Bottle

Do you have anything that smells more like despair?

Feb 10 2010

A Woman’s Work is Never Done


Apparently we need jewelry that reminds us to exist now.

Feb 9 2010

And You Thought Lucky Rabbit’s Feet Were Bad


Oh my god, you guys. I can’t stop thinking about all those headless puppies.

Aug 7 2009

Orating With Little or No Preparation

(via Laura)

Aug 6 2009


Actual thought I just had while watching the Mentalist:

“Oh, please. No moderately sane witch would cast a killing spell. It would come back on her double-whammy.”

It’s possible I’ve spent too much time in San Francisco.