Apr 4 2014

Would You Look at That

I want to learn French mostly for karaoke purposes.

Kate Moss is so chill about her nakedity. I’m like, “Yikes! A sunhat at least.” This is why I can’t join your bohemian biker gang.

A list of fictional female robots and cyborgs is a thing someone made on Wikipedia.

I find this necklace touching.

Zelda was nutty, but whoa. She could also write. I got about halfway through her stream-of-consciousness memories with F. Scott Fitzgerald before my brain went fizzy. Still, lovely.

Katherine Hepburn laughing.

The bouquet above is number 16 of 100 for my Life List, I’m up to 20 cocktails, and one bathtub. My lord, we need an app.

Also, Go Mighty and Camp Mighty are nominated for an Iris award in the Game Changer category. And three(!) of our brand campaigns are nominated for Best Content Campaign: Go Australia, Too Small To Fail on Closing the Word Gap, and Hyundai’s Epic Playdate (which I worked on with Federated Media). Also Jenny at The Bloggess has been nominated for her work with Go Mighty on the Go Australia campaign too. So that feels really nice.

And finally, Space cakes!

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Apr 2 2014

Here’s to Simple Toasts

I love people who always have a toast at ready. I’ve been collecting favorites over the years. For a short wedding toast, or to wrap up a long one, “May you grow old on one pillow.” Over drinks I like to say, “Here’s mud in your eye!” I think because my grandma said it? No idea.

For dinner, I like, “May you never go to hell, but be always on your way.” or “Here’s to those who’ve seen us at our best and seen us at our worst and can’t tell the difference.”

Is this just an Irish thing, or do you have a favorite toast too? Is it because you’re Irish? Either way, spill.

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Jan 29 2014

California Sunday

Have you heard about California Sunday Magazine? It looks to be amazing, and they’re hiring writers and editors right now. The print and online magazine is a project by Doug McGray, “Editor” of the Pop-Up Magazine events, and Chas Edwards, a Co-Founder of Federated Media, and Person I Like Very Much. I am excited.

Also, Federated Media — the ad network that made it possible for me to make a living as a blogger — sold yesterday! It’s one of those making-doing-going weeks. Put your back into it, Internet.

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Jan 6 2014

Homemade Super Mario Birthday Party

Last year Hank asked for a Super Mario Brothers party. I assumed there would be branded crap everywhere, so I went to Target the day before… and nothing. So I went to two more party stores, neither of which had a single Super Mario party supply. The hell, Capitalism? So, this is what I pulled together on a wing and a prayer.

I’m proudest of the power-star balloons above, which I made by adding strips of electrical tape to make the signature eyes. It took about a minute per balloon, and I felt like a genius you guys.

These gift bags were 30 cents each, and then I stuck on the little faux fur mustaches, which are just the ones you buy in packets for wearing on your face. I wrote on the Let’s Go! Mostly because I didn’t feel like struggling with my printer for four hours to make pro-looking labels.

Here’s what was in them:

These are chocolate coins. I filled the bags, folded them over, and wrote the labels.

I cut the mustaches out so they still had sticker backings on them, and then used double sided sticky tape to affix them to these tags.

The one branded thing I was able to find that was under $10 a pop. They’re fruit snacks. If I had it to do over, I’d also add a tiny branded toy of some sort, but there was no time for me to special order them. Be ye forewarned.

These cupcakes were crazy easy. I bought those candies you use to melt down and pour into molded trays. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can get them at Michaels or most any craft store or specialty food shop.) Then I just iced the cupcakes and stuck them on for a toadstool effect. You cannot screw this up.

And there you go. This year he wants a Minecraft party. So I’ll be hanging out on Pinterest for the next month or so.

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Jan 2 2014

Resolved, 2014

The New Year. She is upon us.

Twenty fourteen, we meet you with glasses raised, and shoulders squared. Resolved:

Eat more snacks.
You want to have 15 meals a day, but still support your weight on your own feeble ankles? Snacks! You want to consume something that has a jingle you can hum while you eat it? Snacks! You want food that can be lifted to your mouth using only your tongue? Snacks!

This year, I shall eat tiny things by the thousands using only my fingers. Fun size, 2014.

Make cool stuff.
A little while ago, this thing didn’t exist, but then you made it. So now it does. Because you are a sorcerer, and triumph is your currency.

This year, I will start dozens of things, and then I will finish them. Projects, 2014.

Art by Jorge Aijon.

Mess around.
Man. Making out, right? Someone should tell the youth. Kissy face, 2014.

Dress real cute.
Sometimes you’re having a crap day. You wake up feeling akimbo, and you spill something, right before you break something, and over breakfast you ponder whether you are an imposter in your own life. But then! You put on a tweed skirt, and you are quite careful with your lipstick, and you lace up some charming ankle boots, tie the bows just so, and everything is a little easier.

Cute clothes make me feel cozy, and tidy, and fit for bookstore browsing. Dress for the job you want. Girl armor, 2014.

That’s how my year is shaping up. Do you have any fun resolutions? Tell.

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Nov 19 2013

Little Pitchers

Did you know Disneyland makes light-up Mickey ears and glowing balloons that interact with their light show? Here are what Hank’s looked like during the World of Color. Such a cool idea, eh?

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Nov 17 2013

Right Now

This is my little boy napping in our hotel room closet, and man I wish I were him right now.

It’s been a surreal few months — with Blogalicious, planning and throwing Camp Mighty, tons of business transition for Go Mighty, and an epic trip to Australia — the kind of period where you know life is about to hit full force, so you just keep your head above water while the current takes you.

Now Hank and I are here at Disneyland where he’s napping in the closet in preparation for his future at Hogwarts, and for a 10 p.m. wakeup call to see the Disney World of Color show. (So much for the steady bedtime I’m supposed to be enforcing like a drill sergeant, huh? But he’s only six once, and two weeks away from him in Australia has made me soft.)

I know I’ve been a little quiet on the surface lately, but my feet have been paddling like mad under the water, and so much good stuff is happening as a result. So thanks for checking back in with me and for being patient when you sometimes don’t find me where you expect.

When I get home, I plan to stay very still with a pot of tea, and a notebook, and a Pilot Precise V5 Rollerball. I will embroider things in bed under a coverlet. I will watch questionable reality TV my bathrobe, while I shop for things I won’t buy on the Internet.

You should come over. I miss you.

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